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Welcome to PRETEND-ING, the first expansion of PRETEND. This expansion includes new playable options and customizations of PRETEND, providing players and Game Masters with exciting new options for their adventures.

Below is an overview of what is included in this expansion:

New Playable Kinds

  1. Vallians: Descended from humans that have been exposed to the magical energies of Eternity. They’re visually striking, with delicate, elf-like points on their ears, intricate markings on their skin, and eyes glowing with vibrant hues.
  2. Silhouettes: Beings of shadow and mystery from the void of Infinity. Their bodies are formless figures of inky darkness, and they have a profound longing for the vibrant life energy of mortals.
  3. Fairfolk: Playful and gentle beings with iridescent wings, a Fairfolk’s wings often resemble butterflies, dragonflies, or moths.

New Playable Origins

  1. Custom Origin: Design your own background, choosing unique skills and experiences that define your character.
  2. Blacksmith: A master craftsman with expertise in creating and repairing items.
  3. Criminal: A rogue with expertise in stealth, deception, and survival on the fringes of society.
  4. Entertainer: A performer skilled in captivating audiences with music, storytelling, or drama.
  5. Lost Royal: A character with a hidden or forgotten lineage, navigating the world with a blend of nobility and mystery.
  6. Merchant: A trader skilled in negotiation, bartering, and acquiring rare goods.
  7. Royal: A noble character well-versed in diplomacy, leadership, and the intricacies of court life.
  8. Sailor: An adventurer of the seas, skilled in navigation, survival, and maritime combat.
  9. Sorcerer’s Apprentice: A budding magic user trained in the arcane arts, ready to explore the mysteries of magic.
  10. Strider: A wanderer and survivalist, adept at traversing wilderness and living off the land.

New Weapons, Spells, Items, and Disciplines

  • Weapons: A range of new weapons, from enchanted blades to high-tech gadgets, each with unique properties and abilities.
  • Spells: New spells that expand the magical possibilities.
  • Items: Magical artifacts, advanced tools, and special consumables that provide various benefits and enhance gameplay.
  • Disciplines: Advanced areas of expertise that characters can develop, offering significant bonuses and unique abilities.

New Lore, Secrets, and Rumors

The expansion provides rich new lore to deepen the world of PRETEND. Game Masters will find a treasure trove of secrets and rumors to inspire their storytelling, including:

  • Ancient Legends: Mysterious legends that hint at future events and hidden truths.
  • Rumors: Rumors and clues about happenings going on in the world.
  • Intriguing NPCs: Profiles of new non-player characters with their own stories and motivations.

Coming Soon: Character Builder

A new Character Builder tool is in development that will allow player